What is Parked Domain ?

Domain ParkeingWhat is PARKED DOMAIN

Let us today have a brief Idea of PARKED Domain, ADD ON Domain, SUB Domain……


Parked Domain

Parked are those domain which are in the same area where Other domain is parked , just as You park your vehicle’s  in a Parking Area and all Vehicle Uses the same Parking Area. It Means for all parked Vehicle, You will be going to same Location so as for Parked Domains, All refers to the Same place and the same Content Area are used for each parked domain.

An Example

Consider you have 2 domains  foryou.com and 4u.com.

Now foryou.com is the main domain and you want to add 4u.com in your portfolio.
Now after adding 4u.com you want that it should go to the same place. In other words, when someone types  either www.foryou.com or www.4u.com  they will go to the same page(s) on your website.
In order to have added parked domains you need to buy them from a registry.
You need to Register Parked domains  separately.


Sub domain

Suppose you have foryou.com and now you want to add a blog to you website.

You add a blog and put in a directory called foryou.com/blog/.
You can turn the directory blog into a sub-domain by adding it as a sub-domain from your Control Panel.
Now you can use your Blog as either mysite.com/blog  OR  blog.mysite.com
Normally this costs you nothing and comes free with the services.


Add-On Domains

They are all together different from the One Above Discussed, Add on Domains are 2 Separate domain having Different Name and 2 Entire Different Content.

Suppose you have two domains namely foryou.com and 4u.com.
You want that the two domains to be totally separate and independent websites.
In order to have extra add-on domains you need to buy the Domain and can use your existing Space for Hosting the Domain.
Now U can use both the web site separately and Independently

So now I hope you must be clear with the Terminologies.


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