Income report Roundup – April 2017

One of the most popular and measurable criteria of any blog is the income report page. I too try to find the income page of any new blog, I start following. It does not only give’s the idea of the popularity of the blog , it also categories the content of the blog , and that’s authority.  An authoritative site can command audience, so as the blog earning. Enjoy your reading of the post . If you publish earning report you can ask me to include your detail too.

There are lot of blogger trying to mimicries the blog earning roundup and Income report page, but the reliability has to be cross checked for all except few . Let’s see my favorite blogger income report for the Month of April 2017. I have started this page to ensure that I do not stay at the end of the income report . 🙂


 Top 10 Income report#1) PAT Flynn at -$102,915.99 (-155,821

Pat Flynn has received a huge drop in the income because last month he had published 2 online  courses , due to which his income was increases by 74%. That was corrected in this month and the income adjusted as per actual. Important Lesson learned, A well planed online course can increase your income. You can follow Pat and his advice as he gives you all those which can be shared and must be shared in a crisp way. 

He is  a smart marketer and always willing to help fellow blogger, his post are self explanatory and help’s one to start your own blog is a very easy way .  Start your own blog Today and get free Domain name

#2) Michelle from– $139,233Top 10 Income report

She had left her full time job and doing blogging from October 2013. She write’s more about finance and related topic because her expertise in Finance. Earlier she was a financial analyst. The best part of her blogging journey is that when she left the job and decided to blog she was not knowing anything about blogging . But in due course of time she have learned a lot about blogging and today she is rocking.

Michelle has been featured on many blogs and magazine because of her simple and straightforward approach  in his blogging journey. You can follow her at the link given above. She also have launched a program on affiliate Marketing from her experience . – $34,390 (+$50) 

The income report of Harsh is quite constant from last few months , may be because Harsh is giving concentration to many other activity apart from the blog. Harsh as always has many source of income and many avenue where he Endeavour . Harsh is a seasoned player in blogging and a master in affiliate marketing. I had wrote a post on his journey. Click hear to read his detail . 


#4) – $29,095.31 (+$8,168.13)

Matthew is one of the most talked about SEO expert and Internet Marketing guy today. His blog is recommended by many including PAT and others.  He is a experts master in Link building and SEO. His income is constant from last many month , but in April the Black Friday has given him the boost which he was desiring. He gives lot of free stuff and recently he had also started online course .


#5) – $66,692.07 (+$26,890.72)

Linda and Bjork had a fun time this month, as their blog has seen a big increase in the income segment . The increase can be contributed to High traffic due to festive season . They have more than 750+ food recipes. Now they are planning to go forward with the revamping of their SEO and other aspect to make the site more user friendly and more search friendly.


#6) – $49,617.53

John Haver is putting all the hard work he can put into and doing fairly well under his set goal , his average income is still less than $50K, which is what he is targeting. He is just 33 now. He consider himself a regular guy like us not a GURU but works like a guru in all means.


#7) – $41,700.00 (+$6,681.00)

It’s a increase in income this month for Abbie & Donnie and for the year ahead. She admits she usually writes about whatever happens to be going on in the moment, despite having a loose list of content ideas, so that’s something she wants to change next year!

To get the ball rolling she came up with a content plan taking three main things into account; what projects are coming up, what would be most helpful for readers and what seasonal trends there are.


#8 – > $100

My journey had started on income front from digital marketing activity. The income include all the digital activity which I am doing including Blogging , Youtube video , Affiliate Marketing etc .

See you in next post !!

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