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Bloggercart was born with the idea to make thing simple for You, and to offer you the best tools, tricks that can be used and implemented  with least hassle without compromising on Quality.

Bloggercart is for you if,  You are passionate about blogging, Want  to learn and excel. You will find below mention help here :

  •  How you can Build links and increase traffic .
  •  How can you create an authority blog and establish yourself.
  •  How you can earn online using Affiliate marketing, YouTube,  V blogging and Social media Marketing.
  •  How you can use SEO for Long term gain.

My Background

I started my career at the age of 18 years, by teaching computer science and gradually  I migrated into digital Marketing.  I am passionate about internet marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization excites me , PPC, and PPA.

I am Blogger by choice of profession, and Marketer by Chance :-).

I have few sheets of paper which Certify my credentials for Digital marketing as well as Marketing.

I have a Master’s Degree for Marketing many Certificated from Google , Hubspot and others from digital Marketing.

Computers has been my passion, since my school days, it all started with playing Games  and then coding PARATROOPER, which then was in few engaging games available in DOS, but now the spectrum had widen up.

Through Bloggercart, I offer help in followings arena :

  • WordPress Installation and Configuration


    S. Shekhar

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google PPC Search
  • Facebook Marketing,

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