Top Reason for quitting JOB, Starting own Venture

This is very common gossip in air now a day, but of course a very hard decision to take. There are many of know one out there of mine who want to quit but are never dared enough to take the decision. Let’s see the reason for quitting the job.


Passive Income

In any job you are engaged in, there is no passive and regular income. While running a venture or a blog will give you huge amount of passive Income. You are never going to lose the money for the work done, you will be getting benefit today, tomorrow and in the Years to come. The return will come to you when ever they are generated. While in the job once you start and finish any project the amount so generated will go to the promoters not YOU.


Time Routine

Gone are those days when you were supposed to work for 8 hours and then go back to home. Now a day you are demanded 24 hours a day. Officially you have to be present from 9 to 9 and before after you are there indirectly. You might me out of your residence for more than half a years, if you are in IT and Marketing. When you work on your own venture or on your own blog there are numerous reason for the activity and you are obsessed with the work because every bit of work is directly and indirectly going to pay you the return.



Imminence, there is always a better performer than you. You will always be outwitted. You might also  be competing with your boss. You will do the work and some one else will takes the credit. You put your best to get done the work  and rarely get the whole credit. Competition is very needed element for growth but it has to be justified and even after putting sincere effort and competing well the Official politics will let you down and out.


Stress Level

Who ever you are working with , which ever Industry and what ever Segment. The stress level in enormous.. just compelling to break down ( That for what you are paid for, you need to butt your ass against everything) and if anything goes wrong in the Project /contract or Business get delayed you will be the one who have to take all the bullets, on your chest like brave solder. ( At least your boss will be happy with these, and if needed he will even be happy to fire you also any day) The stress mounts like anything and you end up frustrated. I am not making a point that you will not need to work hard for your own venture , what I am trying to make you aware, that the hard work will not be wasted if you do the work on your own.



To be very true one can not neglect out the possible sexual harassment that is attached with all jobs out there. The personal secretary is an authorized for that. Other profiles too have the central theme attached. Either one admit it or not they are with more than ¾ of the Female out there. Some where they are grounded due to respect , some where due to fear , some where due to some thing else. What ever it may be but they are the part and shortcut to today corporate world.



Ethics have lost their identity in today corporate world. You can not stick to the ethics and can also stick to the job you do. Not possible at all. You have to select anyone of it. Either this or that, not both will work. That a Reality check it yourself something you are lying for delay, sometime for Business , sometime for sake of Superior and so on but you do it.


Bad Politics

Did I get it right, the Politics or let me say the office politics is too bad to even call it bad. They are more than bad and day by day they things pile up like anything. Today for you It will be bad and you might not have direct Impact, Tomorrow it will be worse and you will be clipped into it.


Being Paid Less

A very common reason. You are always on a lookout for a better paying job in the world and the fact is that you will always be less paid,  than what your performance. Its every Tom Dick and Harry Story.  Whether you are a Fresher or a middle level or a high level professional.  So better leave this habit and start on your own and help other to help themselves.


Less Satisfaction

Just check that you Love what you are doing.  Loving means even if you are doing it for 24 hors a day  or 70 hours a week, you are still ready to give more. Do you think that the job you are in, is giving you such a inspiration to go ahead.


My single line advice will be


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