On Page Optimization tip – SEO tutorial Part # 2




This is second part of this series . In the first part we had birds eye view of the  Search Engine optimization tip and Strategy, In this article, we will see in depth, the points to be considered for on page Optimization tip . Ignoring the on page optimization is like going for boxing with one hand.

On Page Optimization Strategy consists of following points

Content is the king, Every body buzzes this, Correct , But  what is meant by quality content ?

Quality content must be Engaging for the customer , must be solving any need of the reader ie it should be need based, Never the less it must be unique, must be persuasive, must be audience driven. The key points are as follows.

Content Quality (VVIMP)

This point refer to the content ability to solve any specific user query. It must compel the reader to devote time to read. Reader must be sure that what they are reading is unique, and is valuable. Such content are live and fresh content, these go viral in no time, people share such content, they pin such stuff. Live content must be an updated one, This is something very important for On page optimization with  SEO.

Content must contain at least 300+ words in each article,

Spelling mistake has to be eliminated.

resemblance must not be there in articles.  ie no Duplicates.

Write on topic which are fresh, new. Do some brainstorming.


Content Research (VVIMP)

When ever you start your writing , first you must do a research about the topic you intend to write, if you are writing on topic which are not being searched , it will be waste of your time. This is VVIP to consider before you actually start writing the article. So find out “What people are searching”.

Content Word (VVIMP)

Once you have searched about the topic , now you need to get into deeper area to find out the words which are being searched for. Use different tools available to find it out what people are searching for. Mind it to know the word that are being searched for.

Keywords Stuffing (Degrade Quality)

As previous point suggested that a proper research has to be done for the keywords, this does not mean that you are overstuffing the keywords, doing so you will hint the Search engine that you are too desperate, and this will ruin your strategy of SEO. This activity will degrade the effectiveness of your earlier work DON’T DO IT.

Content Engagement (VIMP)

Content Engagement indicated the boosting factor of the content, How the content engage the reader and make the time spend a learning. If the content is able to engage it will result in Bouncing, ie it will increase bounce rate.

Content Freshness – (VIMP)

The content must be fresh and original, It must be presented with a new information or with additional value, if an old topic is discussed , it must be in a different outlook with addition information. Ensure that you are taking care of duplicacy, as it will be dealt very harshly.

Content in thin or swallow –(Degrade Quality)

This parameter is related with Low quality pages and not valuable content. More about this can be learned from Matt Cutts. A popular search engine expect , known for giving Tips on SEO. “Doorway Pages” also degrade the over all quality. Doorway pages are pages which is specifically optimized for SEO. The panda Effect was on this only.



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