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Dinesh-earningIn how successful blogger make money series, this post is in continuity with the previous post on Making Money online , Today’s post will detail out One of my favorite blogger in the blogging arena , he is J.Dinesh Kumar from a successful part time blogger, whose stats can give an idea of    how successful blogger make money blogging. As said successful blogging is the outcome of consistent effort with correct SEO Optimization and Quality Content creation.and management. Let’s see the Detail

Full Name   : Dinesh Kumar
Place             : Middle East
Profession   :  IT infrastructure Specialist
Basic Education   : Engineering Graduate
Current Website  : ,
Facebook Profile :
Facebook Profile :
G+ Google Plus   :
Twitter                  : @Sysprobs
Flickr                    : NA

YouTube              : ( Youtube channel has not started)
Instagram            : NA

He is one of the favorite blogger of current time. Dinesh is running two blog , one is tech blog and the other one is money making and reporting blog for sharing all information. Let’s dwell down on his earning and ways of earning to get a fair understanding how he does this.

He started (Resumed) blogging in March 2010.

From that day, he is blogging at the following sites, he had also added few more blog to his name in order to expand his empire, The site detail are as follows  :

  • : Which is about desktop virtualization, Windows 7 and Hackitosh on virtualization platforms.
  • to share his blogging experience. In October 2010 he started  the blog.
  •  –  Detail on nexus  and Android
  •   –  Amazon experiment site
  • –  Article with value, a Collection of top value article.
  • –   Laptop deals from, actually its a affiliate site.

The software which is being used by him for their SEO, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing is as follows:

For WordPress Framework he uses and recommends Genesis , For web hosting services Bluehost is preferred for its amazing support, You can also try Hosgator. For E-mail marketing they use AWEBER which is by far the best viral E-Mail Marketing and visitor Management software.

For CONVERTING KEYWORDS TO AFFILIATE LINK and for Optimum affiliate marketing  they use Long Pro Keyword tool.

For finding the keywords for their post topic and Google Search, they use and recommend Keyword finder & SEO OPTIMISATION , which also helps in finding the Niche Segments. For their presentation, that is front end, they normally rely and recommend Studio press Genesis Platform with WordPress .

Scroll down for his Successful blogging income stats

  •               The Income he generated in October 2010 Total – $402.34
    • The Income he generated in November 2010 TOTAL $746.29
    • The Income he generated in December 2010 Total – $974.56
    • The Income he generated in January 2011 Total – $ 668.03
    • The Income he generated in March 2011 Total – $1002.34
    • The Income he generated in April 2011 Total – $1496
    • The Income he generated in December 2011 Total – $2007
    • The Income he generated in January 2012 Total – $1455.34
    • The Income he generated in October 2014 Total – $3560

My  Observatition

  • A careful study of his successful blogger make money online earning report reveals, that he too had almost a uniform 10%- 30% growth rate in month wise. ( With exception in Jan 2011) . I wish him best of luck and hope to meet him someday in some blogging related Conference. (Joking….. Not exactly)

His earning has dropped down a bit in between years but again he has picked up well and bounced back with an impressive figure. He is all set to get into the league of $5000 bloggers.

He is having many blogs and site, missing coupon site.  That’s all in this post for now.

This study must be motivating enough for you out there to kick-start your journey in the money-making competition. Believe me” SKY  IS  THE  ONLY  LIMIT “ in this. But do remember few critical and valuable advice  for being a successful blogger is as follows.


  • Take your time to establish your blog. Time factor may be 6 months to 2 year.
  • Do not monetize your blog until substantial amount of traffic starts coming, Daily 1000+
  • More Focus must be on  on organic traffic because it is a automatic source.
  • Be original in content. I SAID BE ORIGINAL IN CONTENT.
  • Try to avoid spelling mistakes. ( I too am working on it)
  • Just find out your Niche and believe me there are enough material on any topic to write for, you only have to make it unique.
  • Don’t fuss with Google Ad sense otherwise they will ban you for your entirely money making journey.They know paid clicking and original clicking. They easily differentiate between genuine and fraud. ( at time they confuse too)

For this post, I am signing off, will meet you again in how successful blogger make money series.  You can read the earlier post hear. You can also learn blogging from the leader.

Till the time I am ready with next case study.

Take Care.

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