A quick look on successful Blogger -Harsh Agarwal

Welcome, This is the second part of the Series on Harsh Agarwal , You can read the first part, He is a successful blogger is today’s arena,  For being Successful blogger your statistics and ranking plays a vital role. Lets Analyzing his popularity in the following measures and the reach and network.


Page views per month :  6,14,256  page ( From website)

Alexa Traffic Rank  : 2080  (  From website)
Compete Rank :  13,999  (from compete.com )
Facebook Fans : 62,671 ( From website)
Google Plus(g+) : 3,62,987 ( from g+)
RSS Feed Subscribers:  15,592  ( From website)
Slide share Subscriber : 579
Twitter Follower :  7290 ( From website)
You tube : 3,847 ( from youtube)
LinkedIn: 564

( These detail are update till date of writing of the post )

His monthly page views is 6 lac+. His Alexa rank also  suggest his popularity, Although his twitter follower is a bit less as compared to other other social media but that’s a separate, issue.

As mentioned is previous post , this site was started in September 2008 by Harsh Agarwal. It was intended as a part time venture initially. As the business grew, he converted himself to a full time blogger. The sources for the income is as such :

Online earnings February  2009:

AdSense : 170$    ,  Infolinks : 40$
Commission Junction : 45$,   Buy Sell ads: 10$
Dreamhost referral-  294$ ,      WordPress installation 50$
Digital point service = 25$
Total = 434$

Remark : In the first 6 months only, he started generating good revenue from non generalized sources such as Digital point service, WordPress installation service etc.

Online earnings June 2009

Google AdSense — 160$ ,       Direct advertisement 50$ ( Added this month) ( added This month)
Affiliate Marketing – 450$ , BlogSpot to WordPress service – 350$
Thesis WordPress theme sale – 50$
Total 1160$

Remark : In the 3 quarter itself, he made impressive start in affiliate marketing and made handsome amount of money. His customized service also supported his overall achievement. Google AdSense is paying uniformly.

Online earnings October 2009

Google AdSense : 230$  ,         Direct advertisement : 350$
Affiliate Marketing : 750$,      WordPress SEO : 350$
Thesis Theme customization : 450$,    BlogSpot to WordPress : 560$
Total : $2490

Remark: Google AdSense and Direct Ads are doing well in comparison to last month. His thesis Customization is working out well with SEO Service. ( IDEA -> You can start website to offer service too if you are an expert into that area)

Online earnings June 2010:

Google AdSense Income: 516$,            Direct ad sales : 400$
Affiliate Income : 1370$,                         Buysellads : 400$
Thesis customization Service: 560$,  WordPress SEO services: 350$

Total: $3596

Online earnings March 2011 Income report:

Google AdSense: $1450,         Ad sales: $1300
BuysellAds: $910       ,               Aff. Marketing: $3200
Wp Services: $1450,                 Infolinks: $216
Technorati : $97 ,                      Domain sales: $19 (shoutmydomain.com )

Total: $8642

Remark: All time high with around 20-30% income not been shared. I think he is going to be next Gobala Krishnan for us. Good Going . Keep the tempo high and help others also to prosper.


Online earnings August 2013 Income report:

Google AdSense: $353
ShoutMydomain: $51.3
ShareSale: $79.4
Direct advertising: 1914.73
Clickbank: 97.58
WordPress Services: 82
Viglink : $100
Skimlinks: $24.88
Other Affiliate program : $3600.

Total: $6320

Online earnings March 2015 Income report:

WordPress Theme development & Customisation: $716
ShoutMyDomain: $704.8,
Blog Consultancy: $1147
ShareAsale: $247.5
WordPress SEO Service: $214,
ShoutUP: $627.1
Sponsored post: $2006.3,
Affiliate marketing: $7300
Direct Advertisement sales: $1433.70
Clickbank: $315,3
Google AdSense: $593

Total: $15313.41 ( 9,52,493 INR)

Right from start Google ad sense earning was never a main component in the earning, As normally which is believed in that without Google AdSense you can not earn, He has managed his earning with affiliate earning and other services. His affiliate include in Webhosting  Bluehost,  in Keyword finding Longtailpro, for your EMAIL service Awber, Genesis WordPress Theme

 All different source of earning  together can make you win the game. To be successful blogger  you need to concentrate on all of them and start your skill offering service apart from blogging. You discover your area of strength and get started.

Take care

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4 Responses

  1. Santanu says:

    Harsh is motivating many college students to choose blogging as a career over typical IT career. And the good news is many people are actually able to achieve the same.

    • Shekhar says:

      That very correct Santanu, Actually is in those few Indian blogger who is training and creating a Army of Future Indian Blogger. Hats off to his initiative.

  2. Bijoy Trivedi says:

    Awesome compilation, Lot of fact summarized at one place, Very Informative compilation. The history itself is very motivating, Stating from scratch and reaching where other dream of reaching required a lot of dedication and determination all together. Great compilation Bro

    • Shekhar says:

      Thanks Bijoy, I will continue this series , which will inspire. Keep reading.

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