Does Success depend on Education ?

“Learning is massively different than being educated. Education fills our heads with information, lot of Information theoretical text etc  and  while learning transforms our lives and the world around us with grounded and applied intelligence”. as said  by Chuck Blakeman.

The Skill that is acquired via Education can be categorized as Hard Skill  and Soft Skill.

Hard Skill is needed for Professions like Engineer, Doctor, Pharma’s etc .

Soft Skill are the skill needed for the running the Business. Many successful Business man are College Dropouts including Bill Gates and Dell Founder.

To understand what makes successful; lets see the underline effect of business owners success.

  • Seeing the big picture – This  is one of the most important Point to consider out in all our available option. Being a visionary is most important. To be precise – If you can’t see it, you won’t shoot for it. This is true; and make sure you see what you really want to achieve as in the case of Arjuna who see the eyes of the fish and not the fish. That’s what is meant by target and GOAL. Because without the Goal , you can’t set the Objective and Without the Objective you can not plan the action needed to do to make it.
  • Speed of Execution – You need not only see the real Target. Only Visualizing will make you Visionary  not successful. In order to be successful you must execute it and the execution rate must be better than others ie “Taking action while others are researching”.
  • Never giving up – One of the most suggested and CRUCIAL step to get to the GOAL is to be persistent. If you go behind your GOAL as the CAT behind the RAT , no one under the sun can stop you from achieving your GOAL. is try to “be the bull-dog; finding a way to make it work“.
  • Being a life-long learner.- Learn what ever you can , that’s the way to go ahead in the direction you want. Learning is Continues and Fruitful. Whatever you learn from where ever you learn that will help you out is going MILES AND MILES.
  • If you want to have your head filled with facts, get an education. It you want to learn, change lives and/or make money, you’re better off apprentice with someone who’s done it. They won’t try to educate you, they’ll just make sure you are effective and becoming something you aren’t, yet.

We don’t think our way to a new way of acting; we act our way to a new way of thinking.

Go ……do something with someone who’s already done it; and learn from the experience. These will help you out. Always try to go ahead in the SMARTER way.  Enjoy :-)

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