10 Tool & Technique required for Blogging Success

success-tipSuccess Start Within, You can not succeed unless You really want to, That the bottom line.

These are the few Success toll  which are desperately needed to be successful in blogging

Reading Habit : You must be a good reader, and must be reading the blog of your interest so that you can update yourself with the topic being discussed and topic  being current . In order to have a collection of blog new article you can use a Blog reader which will help you to arrange and monitor the reading. Click hear to know the common blog reader. This is the best success Tool.

Keyword research toll- Although SEO is not much required, but you must be having a well know how of the Keyword research toll, so that to update yourself with whats current in search, what is of interest, or how many people are searching for what you are going to write in next article. Keyword search tool discussed  hear.

Motivation to keep going You must be motivated enough to keep yourself going on and on and on. Motivation can depend on many factor for some it may be social for some it must be fun for few it must be monetary, You can click hear to have a glimpse of what Blogging has given to others and what can u expect from it , if done in right spirit.

Having a decent Theme – Your blog must have a decent look so that it can be visible well  and the reader can have a comfortable stay while reading your article.  I know lot of blog which have content but the appearance is pathetic. You can select from free Themes and Paid themes. Click hear to read about Few good free themes and click hear to read about premium themes.

Analyzing Tool – Although this is not of importance for first phase of blogging, which can last anywhere from 3 month to 3 year or more depending upon your blog popularity. Bu you must be knowing about analyzing tools.

Capturing Visitor Detail  This is in fact part of the Analyzing tool. You  must know from where the traffic is coming, which are the source from where you are getting visitor, it will help focus more on strength and improve you weaker areas.

 Gravavtar- IT you have a blog people must see you when you write or comment or reply on  your blog or others blog, ie you must have visible appearance in the blogging world, hear come gravatar which will help you to have an identity.

E Mail campaign – this comes in phase 2 of your blogging, when you are having few user subscribed to you, you can then start Email campaign whenever you post a article.

Affiliate marketing  This is the best way to earn while blogging, you can sell many product and can earn handsome amount from the referrals.  

Creating Link ( Marketing)- When you have created  your blog then It comes publicity, that is how you can make at least a group of blogger know that you are there , you can create a link in there website for Google to count the link and rank your blog higher. Read more on this.

Publicity – You  can write for many public article directory which can give you mileage in bring reader to you blog. Read more .

Persistency    no Alternative to this , you must be persistence in your writing. Persistence can only give you success in long run. I too had faced the consequence of not being persistence in my early days. Be persistence , success will follow.

Monetizing  and  tools will be discussed in next post 

Happy Blogging, Take Care

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4 Responses

  1. Vijay says:

    Hi Shekhar,
    Awesome post which contain very useful information about success tools for blogging. Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. I hope it will help me. Great point included in the post.
    Thanks for sharing views. You are doing a great work Shekhar.

    • Shekhar says:

      Greetings Vijay.
      Thanks for sparing time and leaving your valuable comments. Wish u too have Christmas and Happy new year Ahead

  2. Mohit says:

    It would be appreciated if each point it explained elaborately.

    • Shekhar says:

      Sure Mohit. I will do the same in comming weeks.

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