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If you aspire to become a blogger , a better blogger, may be the best blogger, then you must make it sure, that you are a vivid reader, because reading habit will only make you more knowledgeable, and knowledge is power.


Is it Perfect ?

Lets address key query  pertaining to reading –

  •  What to Read
  • How to read with little fuss.


What to read ?

This is  a difficult question , but have ready made answer.

Read  Articles / blog related to your field, topic, and of course reading sequence must be topped up with few of the better blog’s. There are many blogs, but you have to be selective in that.

Try to read Blog of interest,  rather than reading for Earning Money. Earning is a by Product of your interest of writing and sharing. The space is open for you to write, and popularity of your blog will depend on many  factor like your Marketing strategy, Your SEO work for the articles, your social networking penetration and of Course YOUR CONTENT.

CONTENT is the king in all sense, but to win you also require the Troop of army . Does it make sense ?

You can read article Blog to follow to get the answer of  Where to read.

How to Read ?

How to read is to be addressed now, Earlier we had Google Reader, but now Since Google had stopped the Service we have to use other Options, The alternatives blog reader are as follows :



  • Feedly – This is the most easy usable service available on the need, use it as your favorite blog reader. It has clean and decent interface which can be tuned  as per taste. This is by far the most popular service as yet.
  •  Digg reader – This is where most of the crowed is flying, Digg is a popular platform to use as it has lot of feature which will suit the taste of Google reader guy.
  • G2READER –  G2reader is the next best alternative which suits the taste and also has all the feature that is basic requirement for the reading guys. It has a feature of highlighting the keyword, which does the trick .

Although there are many other alternative available for the blog reader, but surely this list is by far effective for almost all of us.


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4 Responses

  1. Richa says:

    Thanks for Sharing Information your article is very helpful ..

    • Shekhar says:

      Thanks Richa for stopping at the blog and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Gagan Masoun says:


    Feedly is my no. 1 choice. I highly recommend Feedly to other bloggers and people. Thanks for sharing two more best blog readers. I will try them also.

    ~Gagan Masoun

    • shekhar says:

      Thnaks Gagan, for Sharing your thoughts, Without any second thought , Feedly is above others, I too personally use feedly for my reading.

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